The Afters

The Afters is a hip, young, modern rock band. They started where you might expect a hip, young, modern rock band to start - Starbucks. Joshua Havens and Matt Fuqua worked together at a Starbucks in Texas. When they weren't serving specialty drinks, they would perform for customers in the coffee shop. They soon decided to form a band with 2 other co-workers, Brad Wigg and Marc Dodd. Thus, the band "Blisse" was born. Their first 6 recordings where put on an EP in 2000. The money they made from that helped them finace a full Independent album called When the World is WonderfulThe Afters.

(2001). They began playing at a night club in Dallas. They eventually found out that the name Blisse was already taken. So they changed the name of the band to

They continued to play in Dallas clubs under the new moniker until being signed by INO records in 2005. Their first studio album was released later that year and featured some of the songs from their indie album, as well as new tracks, like the single Beautiful Love. The song was so popular it was picked up as the theme song to an MTV show called 8th and Ocean. In 2006 The Afters received the GMA for new artist of the year. Thier album, Never Going Back to Okay, was released in February 2008.

The album, Light Up the Sky, was released on September 14, 2010.The album's title track hit #1 on Billboard's Christian CHR radio.