Carried Away

The story of Carried Away started in Ontario in the year 2000. Christine Prankard was becoming good friends with her cousin's Pam and Colleen Walker. The three girls entered a music competition and came in first place. The three girls had chosen the name Carried Away for their group after hearing the Sonicflood song of the same name.

They started singing and speaking at churches, then went down to Nashville. There they met producer Otto Price. In 2005 the group released their first album Closer To You on Glide Records. They won the GMA Canada Covenent Awards for Pop/Contemporary Album Of The Year and Pop/Contemporary Song Of The Year. They also began touring with big names like Casting Crowns and Avalon.

Their next album I Want You was released in 2007. They won the Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year covenant award for the title track. In 2008 Colleen left the band. The all girl group soon became a 2 girls and one guy group. Pam and Christine met Tyer Seidenberg at their church, he was also a musician from Canada. The perfect addition to Carried Away.

Carried Away's latest album is called No Compromises (2009).