Michael English

Michael English's career in Christian music began way back in 1972. He was part of a family band called The Singing Samaritans at the age of 10. He sang Southern Gospel music with them for 8 years. He then joined a musical group called The Singing Americans. After two years he left the group, got married and joined another Gospel group The Goodmans. He then went back to The Singing Americans and released four albums with them. In 1984 he became the lead singer of The Gather Vocal Band. That same year he has his first child, a daughter. He spend almost a decade with the Gathers, releasing six albums. Finally in 1992 he released a solo album. The self titled album won him the Dove Award for Male Vocalist of the Year and New Artist of the Year.

He continued to sing with the Gather Vocal Band as he released a second album, Hope. Things seemed to be going great for Micheal English. He received four Dove Awards for the Hope album, including Male Vocalist of the Year and Artist of the year. One week later everything changed. Micheal English admitted to having an affair and fellow married Gospel singer Marabeth Jordan was pregnant. In disgrace, he was dropped by his record label. He left the Gaither Band and returned his awards. That was only the begining. He soon split with his wife, then Marabeth Jordan had a misscarrage. Michael English begain partying in Nashville. His life hit bottom with meaningless relationships, alcohol and drug addictions. Radio stations and Christian bookstores began to pull Micheal English's material. But there was an outcry from fans who said that even though he was a sinner, his songs still had a good message. Meanwhile he released an album called Healing which contained only one new song, a duet whith country start Wynnona Judd. That was followed by a complete album that was released in the mainstream market called Freedom. He soon relapsed, then got clean, then relaped again. In 1998 he returned to Gospel music with an album called Gospel. This album was dedicated to his Grandy who had passed away. Despite the fact that he was singing Gospel music again, things had not gotten better for Michael English. He sold collectors items, even his stage clothes, on e-bay in order to pay for his worsening drug habit. His addiction to prescription pain killers and even harder drugs like heroin and cocaine became dangerous, eventually driving him to homelessness. But God was still working on him. In the midst of the most painful chapter in his life a friend brought up the song Heaven to Earth. A tune he knew well, having previously recorded it. He was told to listen to it again and pay attention to the message in the lyrics. He re-recorded that song and it became the title track to his next album.

By the end of the next year, all of the things Micheal English had been singing about became real. With the help of God and the accountability of friends and pastors, he got clean. Not yet ready to tell his story, he released a Christmas album in 2003 and a greatest hits album in 2006 with one new song. His latest album The Prodigal Comes Home, is a personal story of his life. It was released earlier this year along with an autobiography, also called the Prodigal Comes Home.

English rejoined the new five-member Gaither Vocal Band in 2009, singing lead.