NewSong started in 1981 at Morningside Baptist Church in Georgia with Eddie Carswell, Billy Goodwin, Eddie Middleton and Bobby Apon. They recorded 3 independant albums in that single year before signing with Covenant records. Their first album, The Son In My Eyes, was released in 1983. The following year they signed with Word Records and released an album called The Word. That was followed by Trophies of Grace (1986), Say Yes! (1987), Light Your World (1989), and Living Proof (1990). After that album they left Word and signed with Dayspring Records and released a "Best of" album called One Heart At A Time. Then All Around The World in 1993. Eddie Middleton and Bobby Apon then left the group.

The 2 original members of NewSong were replaced by 4 new people including Russ Lee. In 1994 People Get Ready came out. They were one member shorter when they released Love Revolution in 1997. In 1999 they released another "Best of" album in honor of Bobby Apon who died that year. Arise, My Love, also featured 3 new songs including one that featured Out of Eden.

In 2000 2 members left, 3 joined and NewSong released Live...The Hits. Then, in the same year an album called Sheltering Tree along with a book of the same name. On that album was a bonus track called "The Christmas Shoes". The song was based on an internet forward. The song became a hit and and inspired author Donna VanLiere, to write a book that became a best seller in 2002. That year it was also made into a CBS TV movie with Rob Lowe. NewSong then signed with Reunion Records and released a Christmas album called The Christmas Shoes.

In 2003 NewSong released an album called More Life and appeared in a CBS TV movie called The Christmas Blessing, where they sang their new song of the same name. They also wrote The Christmas Shoes Musical which won a Dove award.

In 2004 they released a "Best of" album and Rescue: Live Worship at First Baptist Church of Woodstock which was released as a CD and DVD.

NewSong's album The Christmas Hope was released in 2006 and a TV movie is expected this year. After the release of this album, a new member joined NewSong. Nate Sallie. The current members of NewSong are Eddie Carswell, Billy Goodwin, Matt Butler, Nate Sallie.

Give Yourself Away was released in 2009 followed by One True God in 2011.