John Reuben

Christian rapper John Reuben was born in Columbus, Ohio as John Zappin. Growing up his mother owned a Christian heavy metal record label. He decided to use his middle name "Reuben" instead of his last name as he started rapping. As a teen he would take a bus out to the open mike night to compete in rap battles.

In the late 1990s he recorded and released an independent EP called Monuments. That album caught the attention of Toby Mac who soon signed John Reuben to his own label, Gotee Records. Toby Mac even sang on a track of his first album Are We There Yet? which was released in the year 2000. That album was nominated for a Dove award. That was followed by Hindsight in 2002.

In 2003 John Reuben released the first album that he himself produced, called Professional Rapper. His next album contained remixed of songs from his first 3 albums, In Hindsight the Professional Rapped Isn't There Yet. In 2005 he released his next original album was called The Boy vs. The Cynic witch featured a song with Matt Tiessen of Relient K. That was followed by Word of Mouth in 2007.

John Reuben's latest album is twist on the rock and roll mentality, called Sex, Drugs and Self control, 2009.