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Tanya Owen

Hello Grande Prairie!!

I'm another Maritimer that hails from the booming metropolis of Moncton, New Brunswick and I've been in this business since 1994. I graduated from the Radio Broadcasting Program from Loyalist College in 94, and worked at radio stations in Moncton, NB, Charlottetown and Summerside PEI. I'm married to Paul, and a mom of 3 active kids, Gary, Amber and Katie. I also keep busy with working with the youth of Grande Prairie with #577 Grande Prairie Air Cadet squadron as the band officer. I love to bake!! You can always find me in the kitchen whipping up something! Send me your goodie Recipes! I'd love to add them to my collection! Listen for me weekday mornings between 6am and 10am.

Monday, 21 August 2017 08:55


Enjoy an evening of drama, music, and fun, while supporting the family of Cary, a local 11-year-old girl with leukemia, as well as artistic development in Grande Prairie. Emotions range from joy to mourning, envy and rage to reconciliation, and admiration to scorn, laced with humour. 'Saul' is written by G.F. Handel, the composer of the well-known oratorio 'Messiah'.

Tickets are available at Shepherds fold or at the door.

Local musicians in the chorus have been rehearsing since February, and the principal roles include both local talent and singers brought in from other centres.

For any who do not know what a staged oratorio is, oratorio is to opera what readers' theatre is to plays. So, just as acting out a readers' theatre would essentially make a play, staging an oratorio more or less creates an opera, a play in which all dialogue is sung.


Saul Poster

Tuesday, 08 August 2017 13:16

Wheel a thon

Wheel a thon - the wolverines adapted sports association want people out on any kind of wheels they choose ----- Muskoseepi park 10-3 Sat. Aug 26 donations of any amount are welcome with proceeds going to The Wolverines Adapted Sports Association.

Tuesday, 08 August 2017 11:06

Canadian Mental Health Association Event

To celebrate the SPD (persons with disabilities program). We are celebrating another successful year of community service. Come and join the fun! At the CMHA Log cabin 11102-106th St (beside the Elks club) - On Thursday August 17, 2017 from 11am-3pm. Again this year, we have many amazing sponsors and activities. All are Welcome.


Rick Sirockman is our lucky Dad! Rick won a man make over outfit from Edward's Factory Outlet and this BBQ from Canadian Tire ! Sheri Brewster (Left) Entered her dad!

Tuesday, 07 April 2015 08:27

Phishing Scam Reminder Tax Refund

With it being 'tax season', the Grande Prairie RCMP want to remind the citizens of Grande Prairie to take the necessary precautions from being scammed out of their hard earned money and to protect their identities.

The following is an excerpt from the Canada Revenue Agency's website. It is in regard to an ongoing scam that continues to be present in the City of Grande Prairie.


Occasionally, taxpayers may receive, either by telephone, mail, or email, a communication that claims to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) but is NOT. In all these cases, the communication requests personal information, such as a social insurance, credit card, bank account, and passport numbers, from the taxpayer. These fraudulent communications are also referred to as scams or phishing.
Invariably, the communication argues that this personal information is needed so that the taxpayer can receive a refund or benefit payment. Another common scam refers the person to a Web site resembling the CRA's Web site where the person is asked to verify their identity by entering personal information. Taxpayers should not respond to such fraudulent communications.
To better equip taxpayers to identify those communications that do not come from the CRA, the following general guidelines are provided.
The CRA does not do the following:
• The CRA will not request personal information of any kind from a taxpayer by email.
• The CRA will not divulge taxpayer information to another person unless formal authorization is provided by the taxpayer.
• The CRA will not leave any personal information on an answering machine.
Protect yourself, your identity and your hard earned money. Once you have fallen for this type of scam it is very difficult to investigate and prosecute those responsible as those responsible often live in other countries outside the reach of Canadian laws. The best way to stop this type of scam is to recognize it before you fall victim.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 10:21

Marble Slab

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 10:19


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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 10:13

Charlies Girl Hairstyling

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