Terry Van Veen

Terry Van Veen

Terry has been with 96.3 Shine FM in Grande Prairie since November of 2008. Terry's radio journey began in mainstream radio in the late 80's. He's been 'up and down the dial' having worked easy listening, pop and country formats before God called him to Christian radio in the fall of '98.

Terry met his partner for life while working radio in BC's Southwest Interior. He and Donna were married in Vancouver and started a family a few years later. The Van Veen household is a busy place with two growing boys.

Terry is a guitar enthusiast having spent a number of years playing on a variety of church worship teams. He also loves Canada's favourite pastime - hockey.

End your weekdays with Terry and the best in Today's Christian Music, the Power Verse, afternoon devotional along with news and weather on 96.3 Shine FM in Grande Prairie, AB.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:28

Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin is an award-winning worship artist. You have probably sung some of his songs in church. He is accredited as the contemporary artist most often sung in congregations every week (in the US at least).

When he was in 8th grade, at a camp worship service, Chris was overwhelmed by the music and Spirit of God that he ran out of service, threw himself in front of a tree, and prayed. It was there he made the decistion to follow God for the rest of his life. By the age of 14 he had written his first worship song. He started to lead worship at various camps arround his home state of Texas. In 1997 he was asked to work with the Passion Conferences. He has been working with them ever since. In 2001 he released his first album The Noise We Make. That was followed by Not To Us (2002), then Arriving (2004).

His first live album came in 2005: Live from Austin Music Hall. See the Morning, was released in 2006. In 2006 Chris Tomlin won the Male Vocalist of the Year award at the Dove Awards. In 2007 he got not only Male Vocalist of the Year, but also Artist of the Year, Worship Song of the Year for "Holy Is the Lord", Contemporary Album of the Year AND Praise & Worship Album of the Year for See the Morning. In 2008 he won Male Vocalist of the Year again and Worship Song of the Year for "How Great is our God".

In 2008 he released the album, Hello Love. Just in time for Christmas 2009, he released the Christmas album, Glory in the Highest: Christmas Songs of Worship. In 2010 he released the album, And if Our God is For Us.... and won a Grammy for that album.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:24

Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North is made up of lead singer Mike Donehey on acoustic guitar, Jeff Owen on electric guitar, Jason Jamison on drums, and Ruben Juarez III on bass and back up vocals.

The band was formed in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1999. In the last ten years, Tenth Avenue North has had a prolific independent career. In 2002, they released their first independent album Broken Down. That was followed by Don't Look Back in 2003, then Speaking of Silence in 2005, and finally an indie EP God With Us in 2006.

Tenth Avenue North signed with Reunion Records and released Over and Underneath in 2008. In 2010 they released the album, Where the Light Meets the Dark.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:22

Michael W Smith

Michael W. Smith is a three-time Grammy Award Winner and the winner of 40 Dove awards.

Michael Witaker Smith grew up in West Virginia and learned to the piano at a young age. At the age of 10 gave his live to God and found some older mentors. After high school in 1978 he moved to Nashville to pursue a music career, but fell into a bad scene. He began abusing alcohol and drugs as he played with various bands at clubs. In 1979 he had a breakdown and came back to the faith in a big way. He immediately joined a Christian group called Higher Ground and toured the church scene with them at their keyboardist.

Two years later Michael W. Smith was signed as a song writer for Meadowgreen Music and wrote a number of hits for other artists from Amy Grant to Bill Gaither. In 1982 he became the keyboardist for Amy Grant's band and then became her opening act.

In 1983 Michael W. Smith released his first album on Reunion Records called The Michael W. Smith Project. His first big hit was a song he wrote with his wife called "Friends". That album was followed by Michael W. Smith 2 the next year, then The Big Picture in 1986, and i 2 (EYE) in 1988. Michael W. Smith would go on to be famous for his Christmas tours, and it all started with the album called Christmas (1989).

In 1990 Michael W. Smith tried something a bit different. He took his message mainstream with the album Go West Young Man. The song "Place in this World" hit #6 on Billboard's Hot 100. That was followed by Change Your World in 1992, I'll Lead You Home in 1995.

In 1996 Michael W. Smith started his own record label called Rocketown Records. He didn't record under his label himself, but signed others, starting with Chris Rice. His next albums Live the Life and Christmastime were both released in 1998.

On April 20, 1999 a tragic shooting that took place at Columbine High School in Colorado. Michael W. Smith wrote a song in honor of Cassie Bernall, a Christian student who stood up for her faith and lost her life that day. He performed "This Is Your Time" at the memorial services held for the Columbine victims.

Michael W. Smith often included a single song on his albums with no words, but his next album Freedom (2000) was entirely instrumental. That was followed by two albums that were different in style. They were worship music albums that were almost entirely made up of songs written by other people. The albums were called Worship (2001) and Worship Again (2002) which was recorded live. They were complimented by a DVD which was recorded live in Edmonton at YC Alberta and went gold in both Canada and the US.

In 2004 Michael W. Smith was contacted by the President and asked to write a song in remembrance of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. That same year he released a new album called Healing Rain which combined his pop and worship styles. That was followed by Stand in 2006. He released a third Christmas album called It's a Wonderful Christmas time (2007) and a third worship album called A New Hallelujah (2008).

Michael W. Smith is not slowing down. He released the album Wonder in 2010 and continues to tour with 30 years of material to choose from. His latest album was recorded with a 65-piece orchestra. It is called Glory (2011) and it is his second instrumental album.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:20

Mike R. Schuster

Mike R. Schuster is a worship artist from Calgary, Alberta.

He spent 17 years honing his musical talent and care for others as he worked as a high school band director and guidance counselor. He then spent 7 years as a full-time Worship Pastor. He has since transitioned to a career that gives him enough freedom to teach part-time at Alberta Bible College and pursue a part time music career.

In 2006, Mike R. Schuster released his first independent album called Together. The album contains ten original worship songs (and two bonus tracks).

His follow up album contains seven original worship songs, four co-writes (Jon Bauer, Laurell, Brad Rempel, Dan Nel), and a re-make of a classic hymn. That album was released in early 2011 and is called To The World

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:19

Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz is a Dove award-winning artist. He grew up with his adoptive parents in Colby, Kansas and went to college to get a degree in marketing. But his first love was music, so he moved to the music capital of the United States, Nashville.

Mark Schultz was working as a waiter. One particularly slow night he spends extra time joking and having fun with a couple he is waiting on. At one point he even challenged the man to a jalapeño eating contest. The man turned out to be Mark DeVries, the local youth pastor who invited him to help with youth. He worked as the youth director for eight years and went on dozens of mission trips. He wrote music for the youth and about his experiences.

He was signed by Word Records and in the year 2000 released a self-titles debut album. The next year he released Song Cinema. That was followed by Stories and Songs in 2003. Then the album Broken & Beautiful in 2006.

In 2007 Mark Schultz embarked on a cross country bike ride and concert tour to raise money for a charity that helps widows and orphans. His next album Come Alive was released in 2009. That was followed by an instrumental album called Renaissance (2011). His latest album is called All Things Possible (2012).

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:18

Sanctus Real

The name Sanctus Real comes from the latin word for Holy - Sanctus...and the REAL part is meant as a reversal of the rockstar image. Just real down to Earth guys.

The band was formed in Toledo, Ohio in 1996. Matt and Chris were in grade 10 at a Christian School there. They began writing and playing music together. When drummer Mark Graalman and bassist Steve Goodrum joined they started performing wherever they could, not expecting to make it big. Their first recordings were put on a short independent EP called All This Talk of Aliens in 1998. They next year they released a full indie album called Message for the Masses. They continued touring around Ohio and surrounding states. Slowly but surely their popularity grew. In 2001 they made one last indie album called Nothing to Lose. That year at the GMA week in Nashville they started handing out CDs with their phone number on the back. A couple weeks later they got a phone call from Sparrow records.
They were soon signed and their first Studio album Say It Loud was released in 2002. It was a compilation of songs they had written over their long indie career. They released an album of brand new songs called Fight The Tide two years later. That same year they did a cover of U2's "Beautiful day" for the album In The Name Of Love:Artists Unite For Africa and "Promised Land" on Veggie Rocks!. Sanctus real took home Modern Rock Album of the Year Dove Awards.

Face of Love was released in 2006. Sanctus Real's bass player left the band and they was replaced by Dan Gartley. They also added and a fifth member, Pete Prevost on guitar. They had munch more time and preparation on this album. They wrote enough material to fill 10 albums and choose the best songs to record. The album was originally going to be called Turn On The Lights after the opening track but was eventually changed to We Need Each Other (2007). It was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Gospel Album of the Year.

Sanctus Real let their fans vote on what they would name thier next album. The winning title was Pieces of a Real Heart (2010). In 2011, "Lead Me" won song of year at the GMA Dove Awards.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:17

Elyse Schindel

Elyse is a gifted singer-songwriter from Calgary, Alberta with a passion for worshipping God. Her intelligent lyrics are set to strong pop melodies and infectious rock/r&b grooves. Music was a passion for Elyse at a very young age. Born into a musical family, she began singing alone or with her three sisters almost as soon as she could talk. She quickly developed a love of the piano and was writing her first songs before she was ten. At twelve she wrote, sang and played her first song in church and discovered she had a lot to learn about singing. Elyse continued to write songs about the things that are important to most teens: young love and heart-ache, but it wasn't until the Youth Quake Conference in 1998 that a more soulful song took notice. Elyse entered an original song about the persecution of Christians around the world, and won the top prize in the competition, performing the song live before the thousands that attended. Later that year she returned to Briercrest School to record the single. Soon after, Elyse discovered the joy of leading God's people into worship and discovered new gifts of leadership. She began to lead a worship team for her church youth group and started writing songs that were sung in their praise and worship services. It was during this time that she felt a call on her life to be a worship leader. Upon entering Rocky Mountain Bible College after high school, Elyse finally had the opportunity to really learn how to sing after faking it for years. It must have paid off, because later that year while performing at a grass roots Christian music awards show, what was then called SoundsAlive, but later was know as the Shai awards, Elyse was offered a job as a vocal instructor at a Calgary music studio. For the next seven years, Elyse turned all her attention toward teaching music, but she never stopped writing songs. During this time she met and married her husband, Ryan Schindel, and graduated from College with a diploma of Christian leadership. She remained active in the worship program at Foothills Alliance Church. In 2007 Elyse felt a strong desire to record some of the songs that God had given her over the course of the last few years. She recorded her debut independent CD titled "Satisfied" on which she showcased twelve Praise and Worship songs. She dedicated the album to her church and recognized that without their support of her gifts, she wouldn't have had the courage to take on such a large project. Elyse has already seen God work through the songs on the CD and hopes to continue to see His path unfold in her life. Elyse won first place in the Reach FM Cross Canada Talent Search in October 2007. Elyse's newest release is titled "Only You".

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:14

Linnea Salte

Being surrounded by a strong musical legacy was always an inspiration for Linnea Salte. Her father (Arlen Salte) sold over a ¼ million albums, owned an independent record label, and was the visionary of a creative arts conference called Break Forth. Through the guidance of her father; Linnea's fascination for music continued to grow. An avid songwriter, Linnea started writing and playing piano at the age of three. She went on to be trained through Suzuki and the Royal Conservatory of Canada in both piano and voice. As her passion for music grew she began to teach both piano and voice at the Sherwood Park School of Music. Linnea also started traveling extensively through North America as a musician and road manager. Her obsession to grow as a musician lead her to Vanguard College where she took her BA in Theology with Music Major and went on to be one of the worship leaders at Bethel Lutheran Church in Sherwood Park, AB.

But over time Linnea's heart began to transform to a desire for her music to reach even more people. So after lending her voice to over ten albums Linnea began making plans to release her solo, debut album. Over the next few years she took a deeper interest in developing her craft and had the honor of writing with songwriters like Carolyn Arends and Gayle Salmond. But even through all the training she remained focused on her goal to impact the world around her. She says, "I want the songs that I write to challenge and excite people. For me, music is just a doorway to see my world changed." The songs on her debut album show a depth of spiritual maturity as it deals with issues like humanity in "Pocket Full of Posies", the brevity of life in "Alone" and the gift of grace in the song "Hallelujah". Linnea says, "This album is very vulnerable . . . I write about what is at the core of my heart."

Linnea Salte's album was released in July 2009 followed by a tour with Beautiful Unique Girl.

Record Label: Salt Shaker Records

Booking Contact Name: Eric Boorman

Booking Number: 1-800-565-1810

Booking Email Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:13

Kerrie Roberts

Kerrie Roberts is a singer / songwriter from Ohio. Her father was a pastor and she began singing in church at the tender age of 5. She never stopped. She continued singing, playing piano and leading worship as she grew. In High School she performed in musical ans other theatrical productions. Meanwhile she began writing her own songs and even sang one at her graduation.
In the year 2000 at the age of 19 Kerrie Roberts auditioned on a WB hit reality show that pre-dated American Idol called "Popstars". She became one of the show's top ten finalists and was offered a record deal. But she turned in down in front of the producers and vewers at home. She told them that she prayed about it and decided not to do it. Instead she attended the U of Miami and got her degree in studio music and jazz vocal performance.
After graduation Kerrie Roberts moved to NY where she worked as an accountant during the day and musician at night. She recorded an independent album called It Is Well With Me. In 2009 she was signed by Reunion Records and recorded her self-titled debut album (2010).

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:12

John Reuben

Christian rapper John Reuben was born in Columbus, Ohio as John Zappin. Growing up his mother owned a Christian heavy metal record label. He decided to use his middle name "Reuben" instead of his last name as he started rapping. As a teen he would take a bus out to the open mike night to compete in rap battles.

In the late 1990s he recorded and released an independent EP called Monuments. That album caught the attention of Toby Mac who soon signed John Reuben to his own label, Gotee Records. Toby Mac even sang on a track of his first album Are We There Yet? which was released in the year 2000. That album was nominated for a Dove award. That was followed by Hindsight in 2002.

In 2003 John Reuben released the first album that he himself produced, called Professional Rapper. His next album contained remixed of songs from his first 3 albums, In Hindsight the Professional Rapped Isn't There Yet. In 2005 he released his next original album was called The Boy vs. The Cynic witch featured a song with Matt Tiessen of Relient K. That was followed by Word of Mouth in 2007.

John Reuben's latest album is twist on the rock and roll mentality, called Sex, Drugs and Self control, 2009.