Terry Van Veen

Terry Van Veen

Terry has been with 96.3 Shine FM in Grande Prairie since November of 2008. Terry's radio journey began in mainstream radio in the late 80's. He's been 'up and down the dial' having worked easy listening, pop and country formats before God called him to Christian radio in the fall of '98.

Terry met his partner for life while working radio in BC's Southwest Interior. He and Donna were married in Vancouver and started a family a few years later. The Van Veen household is a busy place with two growing boys.

Terry is a guitar enthusiast having spent a number of years playing on a variety of church worship teams. He also loves Canada's favourite pastime - hockey.

End your weekdays with Terry and the best in Today's Christian Music, the Power Verse, afternoon devotional along with news and weather on 96.3 Shine FM in Grande Prairie, AB.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:07

Chris Rice

Chris Rice was born in a small town near Washington DC, his official musical education was just 3 years of piano lessons. While he was in college he began to speak and lead worship at his church's youth group. After graduating from college with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Communication, he decided to try his hand at songwriting and moved to Nashville. His first roommate was Monroe Jones who helped him put together song demos. Jones has been his producer ever since.

In 1996 Chris Rice was the very first artist to be signed to Micheal W Smith's new Label, Roketown Records. The next year his first album Deep Enough to Dream was released. That was followed by Past the Edges in 1998. Chris Rice received the Dove Award for Male Vocalist of the Year for that album. The next year he tried out a bit more of a pop style with the album Smell the Color 9. In Contrast, his next 2 albums where piano-only Hymn and Christmas disks called The Living Room Sessions. The albums were recorded in a living room, but that's nothing new. All of Chris Rice's songs are recorded like that.

In 2003 Run the Earth...Watch the Sky came out. It would be Chris Rice's was last album with Rocketown Records. He created a new label with Monroe Jones called Eb+Flo Records, with agreements for distribution and marketing through INO and Columbia Records. There he released the albums Amusing (2005), Peace Like a River: The Hymns Project (2006) and his most recent album What a Heart is Beating For (2007).

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:05

Remedy Drive

Remedy Drive is a family band from Lincoln, Nebraska. The four Zach brothers, David, Paul, Philip, and Daniel started out calling themselves The Aslan Band after the character from Narnia. Their first independant album, Remedy, was released in 1998. After that album they changed their name to Remedy and released another indie album in 1999 called Remedy (the blue one). Then Remedy (the red one) in 2001 and Remedy: A live album in 2004. That was followed by Magnify the next year. Their final indie album was released in 2006 and was a huge success. Rip Open the Skies sold over 20,000 copies. That led to a deal with Word Records. Their first studio album Daylight is Coming was released in 2008. The title is a reference to Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, when he says "At dawn, look to the East". There is hope coming.

In April, 2011, the band's website announced that all the brothers except David will be leaving the band and will be replaced.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:04


Tiffany Arbuckle was born in Indiana but spent most of her childhood in Georgia. Growing up she would sing at school and church. After high school she enrolled in nursing school. To help pay her tuition she started working as a backup singer. She began focusing her attention to music full time. She moved to Nashville where she met Matt Bronlewee, one of the original members of Jars of Clay. He was living next door. When she was signed to Essential Records at age 20 she had him co-write and produce her album. She and her band called themselves Plumb after the Suzanne Vega song My Favorite Plum. The album Plumb was released in 1997. After the band finished touring with the Jars of Clay CD sales had surpassed 100,000 copies. That album was followed by candycoatedwaterdrops in 1999 which won the Dove award for Modern Rock Album of the Year. Following this album she married Jeremy Lee from the indie band Ashbury. Even though she was relatively successful Tiffany Arbuckle Lee was not happy in her career. She was having problems with her label and was planning to leave the music industry altogether. In the year 2000 she released a best of album and went to perform at what she decided would be her last concert. Just a few hours before she took the stage, however, she got a letter from a fan. It said that Damaged, a song about dealing with abuse, had changed her life. Plumb decided to stay in the music industry as a solo artist.
She soon signed with Curb Records and in 2003 released an album called Beautiful Lumps of Coal. That was followed by Chaotic Resolve in 2006. Plumb's album, Blink was released in 2007, and Beautiful History in 2009. Her album Faster than a Bullet is set to be released in 2011.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 15:02

Britt Nicole

Brit Nicole started singing in church in North Carolina at the age of 3. After graduating high school at age 17 she had a scholarship to study music at Belmont College in Nashville, but decided instead to stay home and pursue a career in music full time. She released two independant albums before meeting with Sparrow Records. They told her to develop her style and come back. In 2007, at the age of 22, Britt Nicole's first album Say It was released.

Britt Nicole's album, The Lost Get Found, was released in 2009. On January 1, 2010, a compilation titled Acoutsic Playlist: Bold was released under StarSong Records. It featured an acoustic remix of her single "Believe".

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 14:59

The Newsboys

Newsboys is an Australian group that's been around since 1985. With John James on vocals, Sean Taylor on bass, George Perdkis on gutar and of course Peter Furler on drums, they originally called themselves simply "The News". In 1987 they were signed by Refuge Communications and came over to the US. They changed thier name from The News to The Newsboys so they the wouldn't get confused with Huey Lewis' band and Phil Yates replaced George Perdkis on gutar. Thier first album Read All About It was released in 1988.

They then signed with Star Song records and Jonathan Geange replaced Phil Yates on guitar. Hell Is For Wimps was released in 1990. Vernon Bishop replaced Jonathan Geange on guitar and Corey Pryor joined the band on keybords. Peter Furler began taking charge of the band writing and producing thier 1991 album Boys Will Be Boyz. For their next album Vernon Bishop left the band and songwriter Steven Taylor was brough in to co-produce with Peter Furler. Not Ashamed was released in 1992. It was a hit.

Kevin Mills then replaced Sean Tayor on bass, Duncan Phillips replaced Corey Pryor on the keys, Jody Davis joined on guitar and Jeff Frankenstein came to help them play live on tour. Going Public came out in 1994. It was a smash hit. It was also nominated for Gospel Album of the year at the Grammys and won Dove Awards for "Rock Album of the Year", and "Rock Recorded Song of the Year" for Reach, wich remains their most popular song.

After that album, Jeff Frankenstein took over on the keys for Duncan Phillips who moved to percussion, and Phil Joel replaced Kevin Mills on bass. Peter Furler continued to write the music, with a number of people pitching in on lyrics. Take me To Your Leader was released in 1996. It was also nominated for a Grammy and several Dove awards, winning for "Best Album Packaging", with its vintage space craft cover photo.

In 1997 lead singer John James left the band, leaving Peter Furler as the only original member. He took over on lead vocals and was replaced on drums by Duncan Phillips. They then signed with Sparrow Records and released their first album on a major record label. Step Up To The Microphone came out in 1998, followed by Love Liberty Disco in 1999. The following year they released a best of album called Reach: The Hits featuring remixes and 3 new songs. Their next album Thrive was released in 2002. One of the hits on that album was a worshipfull song called It Is You. That led to an entire worship album called Adoration in 2003.

Bryan Oleson then replaced Jody Davis on guitar for a second worship album called Devotion released in 2004. The Newsboys created their own label and Paul Colman replaced Bryan Oleson on guitar for GO in 2006. After a live album called Houston We Are Go in 2008 former member Jody Davis then returned, replacing Paul Colman on guitar. They released the album In The Hands of God in 2009.

In 2009, it was announced that Peter Furler had decided to down as lead singer of the band. Michael Tait of DC Talk was choosen to replace him on vocals.

Their first album featuring Michael Tait was Born Again, which was released in 2010. That year they also released a seasonal album called Christmas! A Newsboys Holiday.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 14:57


NewSong started in 1981 at Morningside Baptist Church in Georgia with Eddie Carswell, Billy Goodwin, Eddie Middleton and Bobby Apon. They recorded 3 independant albums in that single year before signing with Covenant records. Their first album, The Son In My Eyes, was released in 1983. The following year they signed with Word Records and released an album called The Word. That was followed by Trophies of Grace (1986), Say Yes! (1987), Light Your World (1989), and Living Proof (1990). After that album they left Word and signed with Dayspring Records and released a "Best of" album called One Heart At A Time. Then All Around The World in 1993. Eddie Middleton and Bobby Apon then left the group.

The 2 original members of NewSong were replaced by 4 new people including Russ Lee. In 1994 People Get Ready came out. They were one member shorter when they released Love Revolution in 1997. In 1999 they released another "Best of" album in honor of Bobby Apon who died that year. Arise, My Love, also featured 3 new songs including one that featured Out of Eden.

In 2000 2 members left, 3 joined and NewSong released Live...The Hits. Then, in the same year an album called Sheltering Tree along with a book of the same name. On that album was a bonus track called "The Christmas Shoes". The song was based on an internet forward. The song became a hit and and inspired author Donna VanLiere, to write a book that became a best seller in 2002. That year it was also made into a CBS TV movie with Rob Lowe. NewSong then signed with Reunion Records and released a Christmas album called The Christmas Shoes.

In 2003 NewSong released an album called More Life and appeared in a CBS TV movie called The Christmas Blessing, where they sang their new song of the same name. They also wrote The Christmas Shoes Musical which won a Dove award.

In 2004 they released a "Best of" album and Rescue: Live Worship at First Baptist Church of Woodstock which was released as a CD and DVD.

NewSong's album The Christmas Hope was released in 2006 and a TV movie is expected this year. After the release of this album, a new member joined NewSong. Nate Sallie. The current members of NewSong are Eddie Carswell, Billy Goodwin, Matt Butler, Nate Sallie.

Give Yourself Away was released in 2009 followed by One True God in 2011.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 14:49

Naomi Striemer

Born in Putnam Valley, NY Naomi is a duel citizen of CAN/USA. She was homeschooled on a hobby farm in Malagash Point, NS. At age 11, her family moved to MB where she recorded an album of Christian music. Prior, Naomi had never watched television nor listened to the radio. At age 15, her family moved again, this time to Orlando, FL where she became familiar with life in the recording studio. Striemer was signed to Epic Records in one of the last major record deals offered. Naomi moved to Los Angeles, CA and recorded an album with Grammy-award winning producer Narada Michael Walden. Upon its debut, IMAGES was the #1 downloaded album in Canada, from which Billboard Magazine endorsed "Cars" featuring Santana, as "the melodic debut of the year." Striemer wrote the theme songs for Toronto Sick Kids, & Food Grains Bank. Naomi is also a gospel preacher, spending time on the Camp Meeting circuits encouraging youth to reach for their dreams without sacrificing principles in life.

Current Band Members: Naomi Striemer

Record Label: NELLS NOTES

Booking Contact Name: Glen Striemer

Booking Number: 519-429-9934

Booking Email Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 03:19

Jachin Mullen

Jachin Mullen was born and raised in Red Deer Alberta. As a little boy he sang in Church, at local festivals, competitions and many local live productions. At the age of 11 he sang on a record with children's entertainer "HuggaWugga". At 16 he went on a trip to the Philippines, but the team's piano player could not make at the last minute. Jachin, with a only a few years of childhood piano lessons under his belt, was chosen to fill in. He practiced hard and it sparked a desire to play music. He soon started to lead in youth ministry music.

Since then he has returned to the Philippines 3 times, as well as visiting Mexico, Costa Rica, and Guatemala on other mission trips. Back in Canada he lead worship for a conference in Calgary called "Canada Arise". He soon started writing his own songs. "I Stand In Awe" was the first song written and recorded by Maranatha Music. Over the next year or so he wrote my first 15 songs and in 1996 recorded his first album "To You Alone". He recorded it live at his church.

A few years later Jachin Mullen went to school in at Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA. There he set a goal to write a song a day for 30 days. After he came home he recorded his second record "That's What Worship Is". he invited his whole church choir over for a recording session in the basement. The album was recorded by Maranatha for Promise Keepers.

His next album was "You Are The Reason". Some of the songs on this album have been sung at Willow Creek and other big churches in the US. Over the next few years he lead worship at Center St. church in Calgary about every 6 weeks or so. He recorded his 4th Record "Calling" live at Center St. The day before we recorded he found out that he and his wife were having their first child! He now has a baby boy! His next album "More Than Amazing" was nominated for a couple of GMA Awards. Jachin Mullen's latest album "Open" is a Live CD/DVD.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 03:17


Manuela Wuthrich, better known as just "Manuela" was born in Kenya to Kenyan and Swiss parents, lived in Switzerland for a couple of years, then came to Canada. But it wasn't until she lived in the Bahamas during her high school years, that she became interested in music. She taught herself how to play the guitar and piano and began singing. She started leading worship at her church. She then moved back to Canada and went to Briercrest where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Music Leadership. She then moved to Vancouver to pursue music. She has now settled down just outside of Edmonton, Alberta in Sherwood Park. That's eight different cities on three continents before the age of 23.

She has released five independent albums. The first was an EP called Some Kind of Wonderful in 2003. Then Summer EP in 2007, followed by The Love EP in 2008.

In 2010 she released her first full-length album on her own independent label called Golden Recordings. As Executive Producer, Manuela raised thousands of dollars to fund the album. That album was called A Different Kind of Fire.

Manuela's latest release is an EP featuring a newly produced radio version of"Circling Numbers" as well as two never-before-heard songs. It is called The Golden Story (2011).

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 03:13

Toby Mac

Kevin Michael McKeehan better known as "Toby McKeehan" better known as "Toby Mac" gew up in Washington DC.

Toby met Michael Tait in 1984, while they were still in high school and they very quickly became best friends. Together they went to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. In 1988 they released a tape they made called Christian Rhymes to a Rhythm. They invited a classmate, Keven Max to join them and called the group DC Talk.

They sent a demo to Nashville and were signed by ForeFront records and recorded their self titled Debut album in 1989.

That album was followed by Nu Thang in 1990. Toby Mac was reluctantly taking leadership of the band and was nicknamed the unofficial leader. Thier next album was Free at Last in 1992. Each album was more poular than the last and DC Talk was invited to perform on shows like Jay Leno and Arsenio Hall.

Toby Mac and friend Todd Collins intended to produce the album for a group called Out Of Eden, but they couldn't find a label to sign them. So instead they formed their own label called Gotee Records. Meanwhile, DC Talk released thier next album Jesus Freak (1995).

In 1998 they released their final album together. It was called Supernatural. In the year 2000 they announced that DC Talk was no longer together. Not that they had broken up, but that the band was on a hiatus. Toby Mac released his first solo album the following year, called Momentum. Then a remix of the album.

His next original album was calle Welcome to Diverse City (2004). That was also followed by a remix called Renovating Diverse City. In 2007 he released Portable Sounds. That album was followed by a live album/DVD called Alive and Transported. His next album was called Tonight (2010).

Toby Mac's latest album is a seasonal album called Christmas in Diverse City (2011). He will also be in the movie I'm In Love With a Church Girl scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2011