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Grande Prairie Forest Area: Wildfire Danger Now MODERATE

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Grande Prairie Forest Area:  Wildfire Danger Now MODERATE - July 11, 2018

The wildfire hazard for the Grande Prairie Forest Area is now MODERATE. There are currently no fire advisories, restrictions or fire bans in place, but please continue to exercise caution and if you spot a wildfire or see smoke in a forested area please call 310-FIRE immediately to ensure that crews and resources are able to respond as soon as possible

This wildfire season the Grande Prairie Forest Area has had 31 wildfires, burning more than 13 hectares. Only six of these fires are a result of lightning, all others were human caused and 100 percent preventable. Please do your part to prevent wildfires



An off-highway vehicle exhaust can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees Celsius. That means it won't take long for that wet and muddy debris to dry up, start smoldering and fall to the ground as you drive away. You can help prevent a wildfire by stopping frequently to remove any build-up of debris from the hot spots on your machine. 


  • Fire permits are free and you can get more information or request a fire permit by calling our Grande Prairie Fire Center office.
  • However any requests for burning of heavy fuels will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. For more information on fire permits or to obtain one call the Grande Prairie office at (780) 538-5560.
  • Call our office in advance of when you would like to burn in order to give our staff time to make arrangements to come out to your site and issue your permit.
  • Remember that you must evaluate the weather at your specific location and follow the conditions stated on your permit. You can be held responsible if a fire escapes the burn permit area.
  • All permits must be completely extinguished before they expire.


Get the most up-to-date wildfire information for the entire province, download the free Alberta Wildfire Android or Apple products. 

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