Jackie Trepanier

Hello Reach, My cat has been missing for a week and i thought id share my experience of feeling God for the first time. I was laying in bed really missing cuddling him, and I am not a religious person but i decided that it couldnt hurt to send out a prayer for my little buddy. I begged God to bring him back, and suddenly i felt a blanket of comfort wash over me, and i knew that whether i found him or not, he was in His hands and he would be safe with or without me. I sincerely hope he does come home, but it is reassuring to know that someone is looking over my best friend in the whole world. If there is any possible way you people could do me a favour and get some information out, his name is Dewey and he is a show cat breed called a Bengal, which looks like a little leopard. He has green eyes and is golden with black rosettes and a stripey tail. He has a tattoo in his right ear, and has been missing since september 24th from the Ecole Nouvelle Frontier/Pinnacle area. God Bless you all and i thank everyone for all the prayers sent my way <3