Luke Shropshire

I gave my life to the Lord 3 years ago. By His Grace He delivered me from the jaws of the lion and set me up straight, alive in Him. Shortly after He had begun healing my life and freeing me from the chains of death, I began to search for someone to spend my life with. Immediately I learned that this was a job for Him...not me. I began to pray that He would send to me a young woman who loved Him with all her heart. I wanted to be second place! I trusted Him and asked Him to make it clear to me who she was. Four months later, I got a call on my cell phone. I didnt recognize the number, so I let it go to voicemail and then checked it right away. She said, " I dont know you and you dont know me, but I heard your name mentioned at my church and I really felt that God wanted me to call and pray for you." BAM! I knew who she was at that moment. I called her back and the rest is history! We got married one year later and now we have a blessed little girl on the way. The moral of the story God and He will deliver the best...(in His time, not ours). My wife and I are so very pleased with each other and even more so...we are so very pleased with our Gracious God. I pray His glorious blessings over all those who took the time to read our story. May peace and joy fill you and may your eyes be ever fixed upon the mightiest of Kings...the Saviour, Christ Jesus.