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Rev. Gord Waldie

Worship & Sunday School:  Sunday Mornings at 10am
In 1911 Rev Alexander Forbes planted a stake marked “Presbyterian Church” on a bluff overlooking the Bear Creek. 
Over 100 years later we are still here! 
Here is part of how we describe ourselves:
“We are rooted in the traditions of the United Church of Canada while reflecting a
willingness to expand our spiritual horizons. Theologies vary from moderate to very
Many of our members see themselves as agents of change and renewal and others
as the bearers of tradition...Individually and collectively we are concerned about the environment and the condition
of our fellow human beings locally and globally.
We struggle with living in the fast paced world around us, sometimes invigorated by the changes, sometimes overwhelmed by
them, but trying to make sense of them in light of our faith.”
10206 - 100 Ave
*diagonally across from 214 place
Grande Prairie