Reach FM Mentor Center

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Can I save my marriage?  Are my kids OK?  Could God really love me?  Do you crave meaning?  Questions about God or faith?   Do you wonder whether there's more to life than the same old routine?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Depressed?

The Mentor Center matches volunteer mentors with people who have questions.  Contact the Reach FM Mentor Center today.

Let's talk about what really matters.



Mentoring is a chance to ask your questions in a safe and private place.  All mentoring happens by email. You send in your question, we match you with a mentor and the mentor writes back to you.  You are welcome to write to your mentor as long as you like.



Mentoring is an exciting opportunity to share your faith or to encourage a fellow believer in their time of need.  Are you ready to make a difference in your world? If you love God and can send an email, we'd love for you to join our team today!



The Mentor Center is a powerful Internet technology that does one simple thing very well: It connects people who are urgently seeking spiritual answers with well-trained Christian people who become mentors that they may never find anywhere else.


Does it feel like it's hard to connect with the people in your neighbourhood? We can help with that. When we step into the work God is doing, it's powerful. Now you can offer that mission trip experience to everyone in your church. (No visas or vaccines required.)