The City of Grande Prairie is conducting its municipal census and is urging all residents to participate. This process helps gather essential information that shapes the future of our community, influencing decisions on infrastructure, services, and more.

"We’re at a critical point with only a few short weeks left to meet the mandatory 90 per cent completion rate for the Census. What does this mean? If at least 90 per cent of dwelling responses are not received, provincial grant dollars may be left on the table,” said Legislative Services Director, Leona Hanson. “These are dollars that help our community with services, programming, infrastructure and more.“

Individual census responses are confidential and cannot be shared with any other department in City Hall. Only census staff, who have taken an oath of confidentiality, have access to your information. This data cannot be used to increase your taxes or alter the assessment of your dwelling.

Participating in the census does not increase your taxes. The data collected is focused on an accurate population count and is used to receive more money from the Province. The census data is used solely for planning and improving community services and infrastructure, not for tax assessments. 

By participating, you are positively impacting your neighbors, local organizations and businesses, who depend on these vital funding dollars. Complete your census today and help shape the future of Grande Prairie.

If you have lost your PIN or prefer to complete the census over the phone, please dial 311. For any questions, reach out to us at Visit for more information.

Information provided by the City of Grande Prairie