The County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service is urging the public to use caution after crews responded to several fires.

Over the past nine days, crews attended over 14 brush fire calls, including campfires, yard cleanups, and fires escaping fire pits.   

The County of Grande Prairie remains under a fire advisory due to extremely dry conditions and lack of rainfall, resulting in increased fire hazards. No new burning permits will be issued until conditions improve. Residents need to refrain from burning, if possible, to mitigate the risk. 

Controlled burning from existing permits is allowed under the advisory; however, strict requirements must be followed: 

·         No burning is permitted if winds exceed 12 km per hour.

·         Check forecasts for wind before initiating any burning activity. 

·         Ensure appropriate equipment or water is readily available for extinguishing fires. 

·         Continuous presence is mandatory during burning activities to prevent the escape of fires. 

·         Landowners are asked to check their winter burns to ensure they are completely extinguished. 

In response to this risk, Regional Fire Services are collaborating closely with Regional Enforcement Services to investigate the causes of fires. Failure to comply with fire bylaws and permit requirements may result in fines. In cases of gross negligence regarding fire restrictions, the responsible parties may be invoiced for all firefighting costs, including heavy equipment and aircraft, per the County Fire Bylaw. 

Residents are urged to report any fire incidents immediately by calling 911. 

GP Fire ServicePhoto: Submitted by County of GP Fire Service

Later this week, Harbour Security will be flying a thermal imaging drone within the perimeter of last spring's Dunes West wildfire area to check for any remaining hot spots from the 2023 Dune West fires. This includes subdivisions such as Riverview Pines, the Banks at Spring Creek and Dunes West. 

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