Last night crews from Bezanson, Teepee Creek, Clairmont, Dunes and Alberta Wildfire responded to a brush fire in the Crystal Creek area on Range Road 34 near Township 712 around 9 pm. With the assistance of a helicopter and heavy equipment, crews worked to create a perimeter around the fire. The fire is contained and is not expected to grow in size. Fire crews and the helicopter are back on scene today. Smoke may be visible in the area.

The cause of this fire was from a burn pile from two years ago, this is the second fire that has re-kindled after more than 24 months from when it was lit. Lack of precipitation over the last two years has created extremely dry conditions and we are seeing fires coming back after dormant periods that we have never seen before, please re-check any burning that has been completed in the last two winters.

County of Grande Prairie fire stations will be staffed with equipment on standby throughout the weekend to respond as quickly as possible if needed. We urge extreme caution in all activities including operating off highway vehicles. 

Please call 911 for any new sightings of smoke.

Information provided by the County of Grande Prairie