The County of Grande Prairie’s 2023 Annual Report is now available to the public. The report explains how municipal tax dollars were invested throughout the year in projects, programs and services to support vibrant and healthy communities.  

The report details work the County did in 2023 to maintain high quality services and advance important projects for residents, businesses and community members. 

This year’s report showcases significant projects that began in 2023 such as the Plan Your County initiative, which will modernize the County’s planning policies. The report outlines Council’s strategic priorities along with a commitment to economic development, investment attraction, and business retention.  

Each year, the County provides millions of dollars in grants and funding to support community groups, recreation and facilities. The Annual Report outlines how that money is invested in diverse organizations throughout the region.    

This is the County of Grande Prairie’s fifth Annual Report. Publishing the report demonstrates the County’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and open communication with the people it serves. 

Information provided by the County of Grande Prairie