The wildfire danger for the Grande Prairie Forest area is HIGH.

A fire restriction is in effect in northwestern Alberta in the Forest Protection Area surrounding the communities of Valleyview and Grande Prairie and west of the Peace River.

Under this restriction, all existing fire permits are restricted, suspended or cancelled and no new fire permits will be issued.

Spring is the time of year when wildfires are 100 per cent preventable. Most if not all of the wildfires we see at this time of year are human caused.

Since January 1, 2024, there has been 14 wildfires reported in the Grande Prairie Forest Area burning nearly 76 hectares.

AB Wildfire is currently assisting the County of Grande Prairie in containing a wildfire in the Elmworth area. Fire crews along with a water truck will work to find and extinguish hotspots over the next couple of days. The wildland fire ignited Tuesday evening (Apr 9) in the area of Township Road 700 between Range Road 112 and 113. Smoke may still be visible as debris remains shouldering.

Hazard reduction burning in the community of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation will continue until weather permits or the burn is complete. Where hazard reduction burning has been carried out, we know that it slows the spread of fires, reduces their intensity, and lowers the potential for spot fires. 

Report any wildfire activity immediately by calling 310-FIRE (3473).

Information provided by Alberta Wildfire

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