Popular 67-year-old televangelist Benny Hinn has changed his tune on a crucial point of his theological teachings.

The preacher, who has taught prosperity theology for most of his ministry, has now rejected the way of teaching, calling it an "offence to the Holy Spirit."

This adjustment in teaching has made waves in the Pentecostal community since last year when Hinn first began sharing his change of heart.

"I want to be known for someone who preached the cross of Jesus—salvation."

A sermon preached by Hinn last week showed the pastor's now extremely opposite views, when he chose to address the dangers of adhering to prosperity theology, saying the thought of it made him "sick to [his] stomach."

In a video posted on September 3, 2019, the pastor even called the theological mindset an "offence to the Lord."

Hinn spoke to Charisma News regarding his recent decision to renounce prosperity theology.

"He is not changing his views on prosperity because of the critics," reported Stephan Strang. Rather, a thorough study of the Bible is what Hinn credits his changed perspective to. 

"I believe the Bible from beginning to end," Hinn says. "I cannot take [away] the fact that God wants to bless His people. It's in the Bible—Old and New Testaments. But the Lord we love has made it very clear to us that He will meet our needs, wherever we live. He will take care of us."


Hinn told the magazine that he started in ministry because of his love for Jesus, but he grew distracted as his ministry and fame grew. He says that part of the reason his change in theology has come about is that he's refocusing as he thinks about the end of his ministry.

"My love [for Jesus] never changed," he says. "I just became distracted. ... Today, I'm 67 years old, and I'm thinking about 'How am I going to finish? What will I leave behind for the next generation? How will they view me?' I want them to view me as one who preaches the cross. I do not want to be known for prosperity. I want to be known for someone who preached the cross of Jesus—salvation."

Hinn says he did not have the bravery to address the numerous charities that approached him over the course of his career, requesting that he help them raise funds for their various causes. "I did not, at that time, have the boldness or courage to say, 'Look, stop that,'" Hinn explained.

"Today, I'm sorry, I cannot allow that. Nor will I ever allow that. ... It's manipulation."

Most importantly, Hinn stresses the importance of following God's Word for guidance in all things. 

"I believe God wants to bless His people. I believe He wants us to succeed in life. Absolutely. But the focus must be Him," the televangelist shared.