The Board of Trustees is proud to announce St. Catherine Kindergarten teacher Angela Sheppard as their ASBA (Alberta School Board Association)  Zone 1: Edwin Parr Nominee. Every year ASBA honours six outstanding  first-year teachers from across the province with the Edwin Parr Teacher Award.

Originally from Sexsmith, Angela is a graduate of the Teacher Education North program, has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Calgary, and an Early Childhood Educator Diploma from Waldorf School. As a Kindergarten teacher at St. Catherine Catholic School, she brings lots of love, compassion, and music to her students. She loves teaching in a Catholic school, helping to create a faith-filled classroom infused with joy.

“Angela is an exemplary first year Kindergarten teacher. She understands the importance of building positive relationships with each student that she teaches and in the larger school community. She has developed a calm and welcoming classroom full of wonderful relationships with each student, evident through positive language and reinforcement used. Angela demonstrates genuine care and compassion for each student. She has excellent classroom management, based on mutual respect which is clearly evident through her interactions with each student. She is fully engaged with her students at all times, ensuring meaningful, relevant and timely interactions through a lesson. Angela understands her students very well. She is aware of the variety of learning styles and preferences in her class and is able to effectively plan for her students using this information. She is developing her “tool-kit” of instructional and assessment practices to use with students based on their learning preferences and/or needs. She has developed a variety of engaging and authentic activities and tasks to meet the diverse needs of her students. Her instructional activities are always hands-on, play based and focused on the literacy and/or numeracy skills that are fundamental building blocks for learning. Angela is a reflective teacher who is consistently trying to improve in her practice.” – St. Catherine Catholic School Administration