We should hear more Tuesday (Dec. 14) about COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits.

So far the Province has only provided them to priority workplaces, long term care homes and schools that have had an outbreak.

But they've been more widely distributed in other countries and in other parts of Canada.

Premier Jason Kenney says the problem's been supply.

"Many of these kits were approved by Health Canada only on the condition that they be used for people who are symptomatic, but we have received from the federal government a green light to allow for broader distribution and use," said Kenney. "The fact that Canada only has a handful of tests that have been approved, Europe by comparison has well over 100 different rapid test products that are on the market, many of which that are easier to use, more consumer friendly."

He wants the federal government to accelerate the approval of more rapid test kits through Health Canada

The premier says the government's looking at a much broader distribution program depending on supply and without that approval there likely won't be enough kits to fill the demand.