Indigenous contemporary Christian artist, Solange Legal has released her debut single, 'I Surrender, ' a song that focuses on the call to surrender to God and the joy found there.  

Growing up in the Greater Vancouver Area, Solange's life was steeped in music from a young age. Her father was a music minister at their church and led a music ministry that practiced in their basement, along with a rock and country group.  

"There were always musicians around, and as a child, I used to love curling up and falling asleep right beside the speaker as they practiced," Solange reminisces. She began piano lessons as a child and took up singing as a teenager. Though she dabbled in writing music in her youth, it wasn't until recently that she truly delved into creating her own work. 

After studying music in post-secondary school, Solange focused on teaching, especially while her children were young. As they grew older, she found time to return to writing and performing. Her debut single, 'I Surrender,' holds deep personal significance, rooted in a challenging period of her life. When her father was diagnosed with liver cancer, Solange found solace in a set of prayers known as the surrender novena. These prayers became a daily practice for her, offering peace and joy amid her struggles. This spiritual journey inspired "I Surrender," which reflects the peace and joy that come after surrendering to God. 

Solange's music is also influenced by her Métis heritage, which she discovered later in life. Growing up, her family didn't know about their Métis roots due to historical stigmas. However, as they connected with their heritage, Solange began to recognize cultural elements that had always been part of her life, such as music, house parties, and specific foods. She notes that in her family and among Indigenous cultures, music is a way of sharing personal stories and faith, not just a form of entertainment. 

An interesting turn in Solange's musical journey came when she reconnected with an old friend who suggested she explore Somatic Voicework™at Baldwin University. Through this program, she met Marty Lamain, a producer in Nashville specializing in Christian Contemporary Music (CCM). After some lessons and discussions about her musical goals, Marty offered to produce her music. This unexpected opportunity led Solange to Nashville, where she recorded four songs, including 'I Surrender.'


Solange Legal's journey is a beautiful blend of faith, culture, and music. Her new single 'I Surrender' is not just a song but a testament to her life's experiences and spiritual growth. We look forward to hearing more from this inspiring artist. Listen for 'I Surrender,' in rotation on Reach FM.