Farmers have been dealing with a real mix of weather this year, from isolated heavy rains, to strong winds, hail and even a few tornado sightings. 

Anne Kirk, the Cereal Crop Specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, says its been fairly wet in many areas of the province.

The weekly crop report shows peak wind speeds at the Manitoba Agriculture Weather Station at Rivers  hit 113 km/hr on June 12. Precipitation for the past seven days ranged from 7.8 mm to 54.8 mm (Table 1)

Table displaying rainfall amounts

Seeding is now virtually complete with 97 per cent of the provincial crop in, with seeding delayed due to the rains in the Interlake and Eastern side of the province. As well, with the environmental conditions some farmers have also had to do some reseeding.

She adds that it has been a little bit difficult for farmers to get in and apply herbicides at the correct time as it has been quite windy.

With water laying in fields in many parts of the province, we see some  drowned out areas and some crops that generally have been struggling and are looking a little bit yellow due to that excess moisture. 

Kirk notes that, as far as insect concerns, they've seen flea beetle  activity in some areas with some foliar insecticide applications taking place, along with some wireworm activity.

When it comes to disease, tan spot is starting to show up in some winter wheat, but other than that, it is still fairly early in the growing season for disease.

You can view the complete Manitoba Crop Report here.