July 5th, 2021, is National Injury Prevention Day in Canada.

National Injury Prevention Day was introduced by Parachute Canada to spread awareness about the tragic effects of predictable and preventable injuries. Grande Prairie and Area Safe Communities is joining and supporting Parachute Canada in promoting awareness of this important subject.

Grande Prairie and Area Safe Communities mission is focused on reducing the incidence of predictable and preventable injuries in our local area. Safe communities actively provides information, courses, education on a variety of safety topics with the goal of increasing public awareness of ways to reduce injury risks. Programs like Home Alone, pedestrian, fire, car seat safety, and others, educate individuals in an effective way that will prevent injuries. Our goal is to promote public safety and injury prevention by providing accurate and helpful tools to our community.

Grande Prairie and Area Safe Communities work aligns with National Injury Prevention Day because of shared goals and values related to prevention of injuries. With this, we would like to share that on July 5th, 2021, several Canadian landmarks will light up green as part of the Light Up Canada! Initiative. Grande Prairie and Area Safe Communities is excited to announce that the sundial in the City of Grande Prairie will light up green to spark the conversation in our community.

Information provided by Grande Prairie and Area Safe Communities