The Grande Prairie Public Library has been awarded $10,000 from the TELUS Community Board Grant to go towards their Learn to Tech project.

“The Learn to Tech project will give us the opportunity to purchase new programming laptops, which will allow GPPL to continue to offer our existing programs sustainably into the future,” says Corey Chernuka, Network Administrator at the Grande Prairie Public Library. “We also hope to expand our program offerings to things like content creation (video/audio), and more coding-based courses. These programs give hands-on training and education to all but have a direct impact on those who face financial barriers in our community, including disadvantaged youth.”

Previously, GPPL has utilized programming laptops to support a variety of programs and classes, including English for Ukrainians, graphic design and writing workshops, career planning and resume writing sessions, and more.

“We’re so grateful to Telus for giving us the opportunity to provide more technology programming to our community,” says Hailey McCullough, Director of the Grande Prairie Public Library. “It’s important for libraries to be working towards bridging the digital divide, and that’s exactly what we plan on doing with the technology programming we’re able to offer as a result of the Learn to Tech project.”

The TELUS Community Board Grant focuses on supporting youth up to age 29 experiencing obstacles in reaching their full potential through funding health/educational initiatives.

The Learn to Tech project will launch at GPPL this fall.

Information provided by the Grande Prairie Public Library