Wind-driven springtime wildfires are of concern for the next several weeks in the Grande Prairie Forest Area.

Warming weather and gusty wind is causing snow to melt and disappear quickly leaving areas of dry exposed grass. Fine fuels like dead grass will ignite easily and fire can spread quickly, even under light winds. 

Wildfires can still start in cooler weather, especially in dry and windy conditions. Always use caution in forested areas. 

Report wildfires by calling 310-FIRE (3473).

A fire advisory is in effect for the Grande Prairie Forest Area section of the Forest Protection Area due to dry fuel conditions and below average snow amounts.

Under this advisory:

  • Permits will be issued on a case by case basis

  • No heavy fuel fire permits will be issued


  • Any burning without a valid fire permit, other than a campfire

Information provided by the Alberta Wildfire

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